Monday, September 22, 2014

100 Days of Drawing: Day 18

Whilst looking at some pictures for Monster University, this image of a monster came to me. I plan to come back to it one day and add some colour to it, I didn't have time today to do it any justice as I really like this drawing, so I want to do it properly.


It Happened to You Too?

I'm really enjoying doing comic strips of late, as you can probably tell. Honestly it's purely me trying not to restrict my ideas so I'm open to any humour idea, where as before I may have dismissed and idea like this one or tried to condense it to one panel and therefore ruin it somewhat. So it's a good thing, I think anyway.

So the iPhone 6 came out the other day and instead of my usual Apple bagging, I took a different route this time....I made fun of U2! I find it kind of shit that the new U2 album automatically gets added to your playlist thing if you have an iPhone, so I've show my concern in cartoon form! Now I know that's a pretty shit picture of Bono and I don't care. I can do proper caricatures, it has been awhile, but I can do them, but they always take me ages to do as I'm not very practiced at them. To be honest I'm not a big fan, I didn't have the time, so I just did a quick cartoon version of him. Thankfully I've got the coloured glasses and the speech bubble saying his name to help me out somewhat. 

Anyway, hope you like it.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

100 Days of Drawing: Day 17

Today I once again combined to of my favourite things; drawing and video games, especially Mario. I'm a massive Nintendo Fanboy, have been since I was a kid and probably always will be. What I did for this one was sketch it in pencil then I did all the outlines with a Sharpie and then I did all the coloured hatching (I can't remember what this style of hatching is called) using a Bic RS2 Finepoint ballpoint pen.

I hope you like it, I'm really happy with how it turned out.